HELPING YOU PRODUCE green bitcoin mining

Turning Excess Renewable Energy
Into Profit Through Bitcoin Mining


Harnessing Renewable Energy

This involves setting up a renewable energy system, such as solar panels or wind turbines, to generate electricity. The excess power that isn’t used for your immediate needs is what will be utilized for mining.


Setting Up a Bitcoin Mining Rig

A complex arrangement with multiple high-powered GPUs. These machines solve complex mathematical problems to mine new Bitcoins and validate transactions on the Bitcoin network.


Carrying out Bitcoin Mining

Finally, you connect your Bitcoin mining rig to your renewable energy source. The excess power from your renewable energy system powers the mining rig, effectively turning your surplus electricity into Bitcoin. 


Maximizing your excess renewable energy for profitable bitcoin mining

How will VESTN Energy work?

Excess energy produced is used to power sustainable Bitcoin mining operations. The renewable energy-based mining qualifies these projects for accredited carbon credits, tradable to corporations with offset needs.

Wind farms generate renewable energy in turn, receiving tradable carbon credits. The excess clean energy powering onsite bitcoin mining also qualifies for credits since mining relies on zero-emission wind energy.

Wind Farms

Wind turbines produce more energy than is needed. This excess energy can be channeled towards mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

Solar Farms

Excess energy produced by the solar panels can be stored in batteries for use when the sun is not shining or the demand on the grid is higher

Bio Farms

A steady supply of biomass is needed. This could come from farming dedicated energy crops, collecting waste wood, or using agricultural residues

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